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Here are the new Bookbuzz books

We are delighted to announce the full list of the 17 books on the 2016 Bookbuzz booklist.

Student leadership opportunities

Building in opportunities for student leadership is easy so why not try some of our suggestions and make the most of Bookbuzz in your school!

Bookbuzz can help with the move to secondary school

Moving from primary to secondary school can be a daunting experience for many students. What better way to help them settle in to their new school, than by giving them their very own book?

Jenny McLachlan on Surviving the Shyness

When Bea Hogg, the narrator of FLIRTY DANCING, walks to school she changes: 'Now is the time the shyness sweeps...

You never know when or how that idea will come...

Gemma Merino, author of The Crocodile Who didn't Like Water, on writing and illustrating a picture book.

I am not an astronaut

I never wanted to be one, either, as I hate following instructions and being uncomfortable.

Ross Montgomery, author of The Tornado Chasers blogs about his fear of...

After all, you can only be brave when you're frightened in the first place.