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We are delighted to confirm that in 2014 Booktrust are once again offering every secondary school in England the School...

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Registration for Bookbuzz 2014 closes on 23 July - its easy to register your school online! For the second year...

Sam Angus writes about her love of animals and the inspiration for her novel, Soldier Dog

I am not a historian, but I have been drawn into history - almost accidentally.

An inspiring train journey!

Fleur Hitchcock, author of Dear Scarlett


I wasn't even thinking about anything just staring out of the window, when this sprang into my head...

Why we love Space

Everybody loves Space. 


But here's the thing - did you ever stop to think about why we love these stories so much?

Imagine that you were forbidden from seeing your best friend ever again...

That if you tried to make contact with them you might get in to serious trouble.

Divided Loyalties... what would you do? …

Gill Lewis, author of Sky Hawk, writes about divided loyalties and asks, what would you do?