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A Boy Called Hope - enter the competition

Can you answer this question about A Boy Called Hope? Then you could win a set of five wristbands to share with your friends, displaying the message 'A little bit of hope goes a long way'.

Design a book cover to win an author visit for your school!

You’ve seen the Bookbuzz book covers – they’re colourful, intriguing and eye catching. Think you could do better? Try your hand at book jacket design and you could win an author visit for your school!

Geek Girl author, Holly Smale, never intended to write about models.

Why would I? I'm geeky and terrible at fashion. Clothes shops terrify me...

The tougher the better!

The moment I fell in love with Wild Boy, I began to make his life as hard as possible. I wanted readers to like him as much as I did, this hairy, sweary rough tough freak show performer.

Lara Williamson blogs about how a little bit of HOPE can go a long way

Ask yourself what it would be like to live in a world without hope...

The idea for The Great Ice Cream Heist literally fell out of the sky and landed at my feet.

When I'm having problems with a book, I like to try not to think too hard about it...

The real ghost stadiums

Tom Palmer talks about how he got the idea for his book Ghost Stadium.

I got the idea for Ghost Stadium when I walked past Swansea City’s old ground. Just before it was smashed to pieces...