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A Boy Called Hope - enter the competition

Can you answer this question about A Boy Called Hope? Then you could win a set of five wristbands to share with your friends, displaying the message 'A little bit of hope goes a long way'.

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The tougher the better!

The moment I fell in love with Wild Boy, I began to make his life as hard as possible. I wanted readers to like him as much as I did, this hairy, sweary rough tough freak show performer.

Lara Williamson blogs about how a little bit of HOPE can go a long way

Ask yourself what it would be like to live in a world without hope...

The idea for The Great Ice Cream Heist literally fell out of the sky and landed at my feet.

When I'm having problems with a book, I like to try not to think too hard about it...

The real ghost stadiums

Tom Palmer talks about how he got the idea for his book Ghost Stadium.

I got the idea for Ghost Stadium when I walked past Swansea City’s old ground. Just before it was smashed to pieces...