Spook Squad: The Beast of Hangman's Hill

by Roger Hurn

The spook squad are Emma, Roxy, Nita and Leena; a team of four feisty girls who fight ghosts, vampires and all sorts of scary monsters. They'll do whatever it takes to keep humans safe from the things that go bump in the night!

In this, the first in the series, the squad come up against a snard, an evil creature with extra sharp fangs. The official advice is to run away as fast as you can, so the squad need to come up with a better plan…

At just 48 pages, this is a quick and fun read with lots of fresh and funky illustrations.

Publisher: Ransom


There is a house on Hangman’s Hill. It’s called The Old Tower. It is surrounded by dark woods.

A creature lurks by the trees. It is a creature from your worst nightmare’s nightmare. It lifts its snotty snout and sniffs the air. It growls. It knows its prey is close.

And it is hungry ... very hungry. Drool runs down its jaws. Somehow you just know it’s going to be a messy eater.

A light goes on in a window of The Old Tower. The creature sees a gang of girls come into the room. The creature’s lips curl back into a smile that could turn a supermarket milk display sour.

It slips silently through the darkness towards the Tower, like the bogey man – only with extra bogeys!

  • Roger Hurn

    Roger Hurn used to be an actor in ‘The Exploding Trouser Company’. He has also appeared on ‘The Weakest Link’ on TV – and he won! Now he spends his time writing and telling stories. A specialist in education, he has taught at all levels, been a consultant adviser to the Home Office and a teacher trainer. His scariest and spookiest experience came when he went to an old ghost town in the Wild West of the USA. This gave him the idea for Spook Squad.

    He hopes you enjoy reading the Spook Squad’s adventures as much as he enjoyed writing them.


    Roger Hurn
    Roger Hurn

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this is a great book about a hungry evil wolf who's ready to eat. It is a very good page turner. I'm sure lots of people would enjoy it. ;)

Rating: 4 star
St Edmund's
14 January 2013

It is a very good book to read now you should read it

Rating: 5 star
buisness acadamy bexly
19 September 2012

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