All about Bookbuzz for parents and Carers

All about Bookbuzz for parents and Carers

Bookbuzz is a reading programme which supports schools to encourage reading for pleasure and independent choice, and develop a whole school reading culture.

If your child goes to a school that is taking part in the programme they may have been given the opportunity to choose their own book to keep from a list of 17 titles. The books are all suitable for 11-13-year-olds and are selected by an independent panel of experts to cover books across a variety of genres, styles and abilities.

The programme is aimed primarily at children in Year 7 and 8 but schools are free to extend the programme to other year groups if they wish.

Bookbuzz is run by Book Trust, the independent reading and writing charity.


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More great books

To encourage your child to keep on reading we create a termly booklist of the best new books and we keep adding to it throughout the term to keep it fresh and interesting. Or your child can use the Bookbuzz bookfinder to find inspiration.

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Books we like!

If you're enjoying Bookbuzz then we've got lots of suggestions for more books you might like. We'll keep adding to this list of great new books for this term, so remember to check back whenever you're looking for a good read.

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